Dear MPAA, RIAA, BREIN, BPI, ISP’s Cameron & Obama!

For any DMCA Removal Requests please click [here]

Oh wait! Sorry, there’s nothing to complain about! There’s nothing to remove as there is no copyrighted content on this website or server.
There’s no difference in this program and someone actually opening notepad entering the censored Website URLs saving the file then posting it online!.

These URLs within this program are perfectly legal to be used in the USA Since ISP’s don’t censor their subscribers!
So unless you’re now planning on outlawing NOTEPAD or HTML there’s nothing for you to bitch about here on ISP Unlocker!

Please try to get this project closed down I beg you! Because it will help to advertise our project to the millions of people in the UK
Who wouldn’t of known of its existence, And to be honest, we really need the media coverage just like the 33 censored websites got
When the news broke last week! Their exposure all seen a massive rise in their user base (PirateBrowser for example, is over 2 million downloads!)

So If you’re still stupid enough to try and get this project closed down it would actually be completely pointless as “these” websites are still
Accessible via any normal web browser. So until you can bribe FORCE the actual website’s offline, Or shut down their hosting equipment
OR even start to censor people from accessing these websites via any normal website browser in the USA.. This program stays updated & active!

And remember, it only takes minutes to make a MIRROR Website!

Once we got media exposure we could drop the website and just dump the program directly onto News Portals, Forums, Bullet Boards, Blogs,
And yes upload to thePirateBay! So the more you TRY to remove our project the more coverage and the more popular you’re going to make it!

Not only does this website/server NOT contain any copyrighted items or content, The program is completely FREEWARE not even
A donate button anywhere in sight, That’s right, this is not for any kind of financial gain whatsoever! In-fact, it costs me $190 a year!

A message from me to your people! I’ll make this quick so not to take up too much of my time
Please feel free to take this message to heart as it’s exactly how the people of the world feel.


Can you explain to the rest of us the following which doesn’t make any sense what so ever.
You’re forcing every other country’s internet service provider in the world to block & censor
But yet you’re not forcing this same censorship BS regime on your own people on USA Soil?

Not A single subscriber On USA soil connected to A USA Internet Service Plan has had their
OWN connections censored???? Would it be possible for you to maybe explain this?

But yet you’re forcing every other county’s ISP’s to block and censor their subscribers
From doing what you’re not? This honestly boils my blood until I’m seething at the teeth!

How dare you restrict the rest of the worlds people, but leave your own people’s freedoms alone!
Who the hell do you think you are??? God?? Jesus?? Ruler of the world? The next coming?

Here’s a suggestion you should listen to! If you’re too stupid to understand this,
Then everyone’s right about you. And all your intentions are for destroying the net.

Create a GLOBAL Platform that has no time windows, No GEO IP Restrictions,
A Platform that releases content to everyone in the world at the same time without restrictions
In a format people enjoy and like Make it a fair price for all, no price differences in different countries
And keep updated on devices people use. (How hard can this be? after all, every website’s doing this now!)

Congrats you just stamped out unauthorized file-sharing completely!

I mean all the money you’ve put into take downs, Bribing judges all over the world, Hiring Lawyers for
Suing people, All that money could have been put into a system that everyone could have enjoyed,

Instead your closing every available method down for us And then not even bothering after you’ve
Destroyed all our daily media outlets to then offer a better alternative!!! Otherwise, what’s the point?


Can you explain to the rest of us the following which doesn’t make any sense what so ever.
How can you destroy the internet over something as trivial as someone making A noise?

That’s all music is.. Sound.. someone speaking, but in a catchy tune.. With a little rhythm,
Why aren’t you making such a big fuss over the public walking around your local town center
Talking to each other?? I mean, isn’t this technically the same thing? As singing?
Isn’t that all singing is? Someone talking with a rhythm behind their boring voice?

The only way new artists are discovered in this digital age is by word of mouth and
File sharing websites that basically announce to the world “hey look, there’s an artist/band
I’ve never heard of before” lets download their talents and check them out? …

Well the way you’ve got this censorship regime locked down, All it’s going to do is remove
The only way of finding any new artists and new bands, Since everyone uses the free world-wide
Publicity of sites like thepiratebay or kickasstorrents to get their unknown content out there.
So the world knows they exist. Now how are we supposed to find indie bands or artists?


You’re a parasite on the world as we know it, You’re slogan in your website logo needs changing
Sorry, but you say you protect but yet create, Creativity? You clearly have no clue what innovation
And creativity is because as soon as someone tries to “innovate” or create something new or wonderful
You tear them down and destroy any hopes of something new being created,

That’s all you are brein a destroyer of worlds and that world is the internet digital age.

You are helping to Destroy the Internet, You are removing any chance of evolution or innovation
From happening. Your latest stunt closing down a website that created subtitles so people who couldn’t
Understand English can now actually enjoy watching films they bought because the originals didn’t
Contain official subtitles? Genius just genius So the alphabet is now copyrighted? As every letter?
So doesn’t that make EVERY SINGLE website illegal then?

Since they all contain words or letters? You are completely destroying anything creative period.


You are the most spineless idiotic brainless industry I’ve ever had the miss fortune of hearing about.
You are helping to destroy the UK’s Internet Experience by listening to another industry that’s at the
Other side of the planet doing what they tell you to do, When they cannot even do it themselves!

You’re forcing ISP’s to block & censor websites because the USA industry’s want you to do this right?
Are you people so stupid to not even ask them, OK, so you want us to ruin the internet for the UK
While your own people of USA Soil can continue to use their internet completely uncensored???

And this is fair? Ruin and censor the rest of the internet while the users in the country what’s
Causing these world-wide problems are still completely free as in no censorship what they can see.


I think you forget WE are your customers, The media industry nor America pay’s you we do!
You are only going to cause yourself great trouble in the future by not fighting this forced Censorship
On our behalf your just removing your safe harbor / carrier service as every week you let more
And more websites get censored, First it’s pirate websites, Then will be news websites…

Then will be any website that doesn’t agree with Hollywood or the USA industry’s then it will be
Any website that doesn’t agree with certain government agenda’s .. Where is it going to end??

You’re removing the reason any of your customers have or need high-speed broadband internet!
You’re removing any reason to continue to pay super high prices for a service we can no longer use.
Did you forget the purpose of super fast internet connections was to be-able to actually “Download”

You’ve now removed the only main sole reason that people actually subscribe to super fast broadband!
(You don’t need 120mbit to read Facebook/tweet, Or look at little pretty pictures of flowers or kittens)

When everyone decides they cannot no longer justify having broadband or paying for high-speed
And move to your cheapest lowest tariff you’re going to be in trouble and wonder what happened
Why you’re now actually losing all your high tier customers.

(Seriously, what’s the point of paying for high-speed internet connections you cannot use no more?
It will happen, mark my words, people will not be able to justify any longer paying for high-speed.


Well done Sir! You’ve destroyed the UK people’s Favorite past time!

Internet that has been ungoverned for the last 20 years you’ve now upset and destroyed
Well done Sir well done, you moron! DO you understand you stupid twit that it’s the people’s
Internet you’ve destroyed and torn to shreds that are the ones that actually vote for you?

Or are you too stupid to understand this Concept? Do you honestly for a single second people
Are going to vote you in again? We kicked labor out to see if someone could actually help us.

I cannot wait to see you gone from office, You have done nothing but destroy and ruin this country!


Well, you certainly turned out to be the devil in the end, People give you a chance to try to change
The world for the good, And what did you do? Stabbed them all in the back as quick as you got into office.

Instead of helping to change the world what did you do? Destroyed everyone’s favorite freedoms!
Oh, but not in your own country!! And not your own people’s freedoms nope sir! Just everyone Else’s!