So you’re wondering what features this software has to offer? And also probably wondering whats the catch?
When we say 100% Freeware! We mean it! No Trials, No Nags, No Adverts asking you to upgrade / buy now etc.

We just wanted to create a great piece of software that allows everyone who’s under the great firewall of Cameron
To once again gain access back to their community’s & forums that we are currently censored from viewing normally.

Never pay again for a monthly premium VPN/Proxy service for casual browsing OR bypassing of ISP DNS Blocks.
Our software will allow you to do all that and much more (Please continue reading to find out more about it.)

*100% Freeware 🙂 That’s the biggest feature!

* Freeware with no Trials, No Nags, No Adverts, No upgrade screens, No Time Limits, No Restrictions!
Can be used domestic, Public, Commercial, This is not crippleware and it should always be freeware!
(We might in the future upgrade to dedicated servers if we do then we may accept donations then)

*NEW Smart Unlocker (Added 27/01/2014)

Smart Unlocker

* Smart Unlocker selection makes all the 34 blocked/censored websites in the programs drop down list magically work
From their original domain names, This means NO Proxy server interference between you and the target website!

While Smart Unlocker is activated & ispunlocker is running! Every website you visit, can be accessed now via their original domain names.
For example, if Smart Unlocker & ispunlocker is running you can directly access thepiratebay or kickasstorrents by going to their URLs.

So by visiting http://www.thepiratebay.se | .org | .sx | .gy via your normal web browser you will no longer be censored!
So by visiting htttp://kickass.to via your normal web browser again, you will no longer be censored! Or blocked from viewing sites.

With Smart Unlocker & ispunlocker running almost ANY website you visit via their original domain names will be accessible!
So those 34 blocked OR censored websites around Europe will once again become completely open, as will ALL new blocked sites to come!

*NEW Dynamic Proxy (Added 27/01/2014)

dynamic proxy

* Dynamic Proxy selection allows you to visit ANY of the 34 blocked/censored websites around Europe using dynamic back-end servers.
Which means if say a popular web proxy service domain gets blocked, Our script will delete that site from its database & replace the site
With a new working one! The best part is it’s all Dynamic & in real time! All accessible via our NEW stylish drop down list selector.

Which means you never need to re-download the app again! Once you have ispunlocker.exe the proxy database inside the app automatically
Updates without a user needing to do anything only wait! Once our Robot monitoring software updates the master database, you will instantly
Find a new proxy re-direct service has instantly appeared!

So for Example to access thepiratebay at 3:22pm we use use webproxy.net but if something happened to that proxy service and it was no longer
re-directing users to thepiratebay then at 3:24pm the same link will now automatically work again, only you’ll see the proxy services URL has changed.

*NEW Our Alternatives (Added 19/10/2013)

our alternatives

* Our Alternatives offers user 4 amazing services we use to help you set up each software application too!
So if you are bored with Smart Unlocker OR finding using Dynamic Proxies to be quite slow you now have other options.

Our Alternatives consist of Blockaid DNS routing system, TOR Bundle, ThePirateBrowser, UltraSurf, & FreeGate!
And we even throw in the option of you downloading and using our sister software package called Proxy Updater!

*NEW Download updates from inside the app!

download updates

* Updates via the press of a button, This feature cuts out the need to constantly keep visiting the website
To check for newer versions or any updated builds, If one is available you can download it at the click of a button!

*NEW Instantly Access our Twitter Feed!


*Access our Twitter feed! This is useful as no doubt sooner or later our website/servers will be blocked.
So the only way to keep upto date on where we moved to, Or if we have something new to offer you
Is done via our Twitter Feed! So make sure you subscribe today! As tomorrow we might of gone poof!

*NEW Instantly Access our HateBook!


*Access our HateBook This is useful as no doubt sooner or later our website/servers will be blocked.
So the only way to keep upto date on where we moved to, Or if we have something new to offer you
Is done via our Facebook page So make sure you subscribe today! As tomorrow we might of gone poof!

*NEW instant access to ALL our active projects!

all our projects

*Access all our active projects we offer all our users, Through a nice clean popup dialog simply point and click!
All our projects are updated often, So please make sure you keep up to date with them all!

Coming Soon!

* A New Built in chat room, We’ve not decided the best way to go about this yet or what software to use.
But soon our next versions will have a community chat room where you can hang out and meet new people!

And all this for the price of nothing!!! You really cannot find the amount of features available in ispunlocker
Anywhere else unless it’s part of a monthly subscription service! So hurry up lets get us up-to 1000 followers!